Why Florida Coral Reef Is Dying ?

Florida Coral reef

What is Coral Reef

Coral reef is formed by coral deposits over thousands years of time.  Corals are marine animal that lives in colonies made from their exoskeleton made up of soft calcium. These reefs provide a unique Aquatic ecosystem that supports a huge number of marine living beings. They work like nurseries in providing small fishes with food and protection.


Coral Reef are found everywhere is ocean , their prime location is near the lakeshore in areas of low depth . They prefer slightly warm water mostly in tropics.


They support variety of animals like Blacktip ,Reef Sharks ,clown fish, eels, parrot fish, snapper, and scorpion fish , jellyfish, anemones, sea stars snakes snails and mollusks.

Why are They Dying

With increasing pollution , both sea and Air , Coral reefs have started to dying . The most common of these phenomenon is Reef Bleaching. Due to rising air and sea temperature , water in tropics is getting warmer and warmer each year. All of reef animals work in a close ecosystem where everyone is doing something in return for something from whole ecosystem . In this ecosystem, the primary producer is algae that lives in those calcium structure mentioned above this algae uses light and other nutrients to make food for smaller fish. These smaller fish are eaten by larger fish and hence cycle continues. But when water is warmed above the tolerance level of any coral reef it push the green algae out to make itself whiter in colour which will absorb less heat . Reef can survive this warm duration but not for very long . If it remains bleached it will eventually die .

What is Happening in Florida

What is happening in Florida , which is home to world third largest coral reef is different that bleaching. Warmer water also supports many pathogens that would not have survived milder and colder water. One of diseases from these pathogens is destroying the whole reef system . Passing from one patch to another . Scientist and researchers and keeping a close eye but still the have not figured out exactly what is the disease and what can be done to stop it. For Further reading Read complete report here.

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What is google 1 ? How much will it Cost

Google 1 drive

Google has officially renamed its Google Drive commercial service to Google 1 .Google drive will be still accessible but for customers using more than 15 gb Google 1 subscription will be needed.
With the new name google has also cut prices for its premium google one membership.  New premium membership will have extra custom email and phone help access.

How much google 1 cost ??

9.99$ monthly  for 2 TB storage
2.99$ monthly for 200GB
1.99$ monthly for 100GB
Detailed prices for All plans will be rolled later.


Many people who prefer 1TB over  2 TB will have to consider other competitors like
Amazon 59.99$ yealry for 1 TB
Drop Box 99.99$ yealry for 1 TB
Microsoft one Drive 99.99$ for  1 TB

For 2 Tb

Amazon 119$
google 1 99$
Apple Cloud 120$

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Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Project for Disables

Microsoft Ai for Accessibility

Microsoft has announced a new $25 million dollar project for disabled people . Microsoft Artificial Intelligence will help people with special needs. It will be a five-year project, called Accessibility for AI. New apps and products will be made that can help improve lives of thousands of people worldwide.

Artificial Intelligence use as enhancement or assistance for humans is still a Si-Fi story. Many startups have tried to do something valuable in this field but no progress was made. Although $25 million is small amount compared to Microsoft profile still  potential for further investment is much higher.

Microsoft will promote software developers and device manufacturers working on mentioned objective. Microsoft is not the only company that has shown interest in AI field . Facebook , Apple , google all are already in this race. But for first time it seems like someone has done something for general welfare.

Think about blind people wearing glasses that can lighten up their world . Persons with incureable brian and nervous disorders performing day-to-day activities just like other people. Although this might look far ahead in future but still we know our path.

Any advancement made in this category will not be limited to a sector alone. As more and more people and devices are getting connected to internet. We are  reaching a level where manual working will never be able to keep up with our challenges. Sorting out photos and categorizing videos on different platforms will not be possible if millions were uploaded every day. Controlling internet with manual checks will be impossible task.


Further this also puts another question mark over already infamous ethical profile of artificial intelligence. If such devices are made who would be  responsible that they are not militarized like many technologies before.

Keeping this discussion aside Microsoft artificial Intelligence is coming in our lives sooner or later.


Australia Starts its Own Space Agency

Australia strats space agency

Australia Starts its Own space agency. This statement might be a shocker for many as Australia is considered an advanced country. The late coming can be attributed to its over reliance on the United States for its space services. Since the start of space age, America took lead in space research. Like many other western nations , Australia relied and supported American efforts for their dominance in space.

Space exploration and its use is now not limited to few advance countries as it was before in cold war era . Now even small countries with much smaller economies are also taking interest in space research. Trying  bets to reap its commercial benefits. Australia is no exception , Australia government has announced that it will be making a new space agency which will project country,s own space program. Government has announced a $50 million grant to kickstart its operation.

Megan Clark , geologist by profession , will lead space agency.  She has also lead the expert group that checked the feasibility of creating this agency. She has worked as CEO Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization , which is network of research labs. Many people within scientific and Academic circles have praised her appointment.

An organization in Australia’s Northern Territory is trying to build a launch site with the help of Local industry collaboration.


Although Australia is late in this space race but with the help and reliable western support it will be fast to catch up with other nations. Australia,s ambitions might have been fueled by China,s space militarization.  China is closing the gap between itself and USA in field of Space. Space dominance is one of its objective in global dominance. In absence of US support Australia will be on its own to deal with China. Although its just start but hopes are high from this nascent program.

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Plastic Eating Enzyme- Plastic Recyling Solution

Plastic eating enzyme


Plastic eating enzyme has given us hope to tackle one of our biggest problem. Plastic recycling has become a very serious problem for us. We have made so much of it ,that it has found its way to every corner of the earth. Most of our waste  gets dumped into the ocean with the flow of streams and river from areas of its production in land. Unlike other organic waste the plastic waste does,t decompose easily. It may take a bottle a 1000 years under the ocean to decompose completely. More than a simple shopping Bag which will take 100-200 years to degrade.The bottles and many of plastic products we use are made up of PET, PETE . Polyethylene terephthalate sometimes written polyethylene . This is one of hardest compound in terms of natural decomposition.

Current Situation

So the end result is pretty obvious , all this material will accumulate .It has already started to make problems. We are seeing much less plankton production in seas which is first element in the ocean food chain. Many science groups have shown public concern about the issue.Untill now we had not even a single solution on how to recycle plastics in green and sustainable manner.


Solution  is in the new discovery, Scientist have found a new enzyme made by bacteria present at a dump site in Japan. With the Help of that enzyme bacteria is decomposing plastic at good rate. For layman it means we finally may have found a way to get rid of our plastic problem. But still there are many hurdles before we can confidently say that we have solved this problem.
More about this discovery can be found here.


Japanese scientist working on this project have found another thing which is nothing less than a blessing is disguise. While studying behaviour of this plastic eating enzyme , they tweaked its structure a little bit.  the results were dramatic , 20% increase in the efficiency of Plastic decomposition.


Nobody can predict our future unless we plan it like the way we want it.  Further research is being carried out to enhance the performance of this enzyme so that it can be employed on mass scale. And we still have to change our habits if we really want an improvement in standard of our living.

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