Australia Starts its Own space agency. This statement might be a shocker for many as Australia is considered an advanced country. The late coming can be attributed to its over reliance on the United States for its space services. Since the start of space age, America took lead in space research. Like many other western nations , Australia relied and supported American efforts for their dominance in space.

Space exploration and its use is now not limited to few advance countries as it was before in cold war era . Now even small countries with much smaller economies are also taking interest in space research. Trying  bets to reap its commercial benefits. Australia is no exception , Australia government has announced that it will be making a new space agency which will project country,s own space program. Government has announced a $50 million grant to kickstart its operation.

Megan Clark , geologist by profession , will lead space agency.  She has also lead the expert group that checked the feasibility of creating this agency. She has worked as CEO Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization , which is network of research labs. Many people within scientific and Academic circles have praised her appointment.

An organization in Australia’s Northern Territory is trying to build a launch site with the help of Local industry collaboration.


Although Australia is late in this space race but with the help and reliable western support it will be fast to catch up with other nations. Australia,s ambitions might have been fueled by China,s space militarization.  China is closing the gap between itself and USA in field of Space. Space dominance is one of its objective in global dominance. In absence of US support Australia will be on its own to deal with China. Although its just start but hopes are high from this nascent program.

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