Miner Placement

i would like to talk about miner placement . Miners do make loud sound.so if you don’t want to be hearing a loud box fan like noise all day long make sure that you’re putting your miner in somewhere where it’s not going to bother you. For example a garage or basement second big thing miners run hot so if you live in a hot climate make sure that you have proper cooling for the miner, if you live in a cold climate maybe you can use it to heat your room if you’re okay with the noise but otherwise make sure that you have the miner situated in an area with good ventilation were you can actively monitor its temperature and don’t have to worry about that too much. Miners are honestly more available now than they have been in the past few months them under US. S9 is much more widely available than it was even last month and that’s honestly great so that’s keeping prices low bit more well regulated .Offering some good competition to a miners and really that’s what we need to see. More companies producing more miners that more people can have access to.

Electricity Cost

Your thoughts nice but remember u have to cover electricity costs. Average cost of electricity in the United States is roughly 13 cents per kilowatt-hour. I’ve included a map of the United States power costs and a map of Europe’s power costs if you live in Canada ,Norway or other countries ,feel free to research power prices .Further of course using a power bill is always the best means of finding how much your power actually costs don’t just use a power map again arbitrary understanding of your electricity costs actually. Do research on that and make sure that you know what you’re paying so all of these calculations will actually be run using 13 cents per kilowatt-hour because that is the United States standard and that’s where I’m located also if you using solar or wind power you can pretty easily offset electricity costs .

I will also be covering 3 of the most profitable miners right now I’m not going to worry about any other miners because honestly there are not so important right now.


Let’s go ahead and move on to difficulty so here is a one month chart displaying big point difficulty now as you can see it has risen over the past month however the price of Btc has also risen dramatically over the past month and typically you see difficulties scaling with rising prices so because the price has declined a little bit and if we actually take a look at more of a 6 month difficulty chart you can see that the difficulty typically does not rise as dramatically as it has recently are for that reason I think that over the month of January. For the time being I’m going to mainly cover current circumstances so essentially I’ll be covering the net difficulty that we’re at now and as I mentioned previously .

Cost Comparison By Miners

First miner that’ll actually be covering is the Ant miner S7. Now this is pretty widely available on eBay typically for around 1400 USD generally cost about 100 Bucks to ship but you can find free shipping okay they also usually include a power supply which is really quite nice because then you don’t have to hunt around for a one and it’s just a lot more convenient overall the hatchery is 4000 730 giga hashes per second uses 1600 watts of power of course the power cost here is 13 cents per kilowatt-hour the poll fees 1 percent of course as I discussed previously at the time this video was made pick 1 was sitting at roughly 15000 600 $42 perfect points of course that could definitely change and I think that we should all expected to change but these are just current circumstances so total hardware costs about 1400 USD so as you can see the power cost with this miner is actually somewhat substantial you actually pay about 1800 22 U. S. D. in power alone if your powers costing 13 cents per kilowatt-hour soul however if we get into the numbers you’d actually mine 0.00002646 pick 1 per hour which is a profit of 20 cents USD per hour delete you would mind 0.00063498 pick 1 per day okay which is a profit of $4.84 per day weekly you’d mind 0.00444489 big 1 per week which is a profit of $33.89 per week monthly you’d mind 0.01904952. Which is a profit of 100 $45.25 per month annually you’d actually mine about a quarter of a big 1 at 0.23176917 big point which is a profit in USD per year of 1000 700 67. USD and 22 cents so that means that currently at current prices in the current difficulty you’d break even with the net minder a 7 and 200 89 days now I would typically consider a good break even period for a miner to be under 100 days however with the prices receding a bit as of late I think it’s honestly rare that we would see a break even period of under 100 days unless you can get these miners for next to free or you aren’t paying for electricity it’s probably not going to be very likely to next I’ll be covering the Avalon miner 741 now this is not new miner but it’s still a pretty impressive ASIC miner overall so these typically go for about 3000 850 USD on eBay I and they do often actually include power supplies you can get them pretty quickly too and you’ll pay relatively little money for shipping so the hash rate for the Avalon miner 741 is 7000 300 giga hashes per second uses 1000 150 watts 13 cents per kilowatt-hour of course those are the standard rates pull fees of 1 percent and the total hardware cost will say is 30 $800 because that is roughly the average that I found online so with the Avalon miner 741 the outcome is still pretty good you’d pay 15 cents in power per hour that you mine annually you’d pay 1000 $309. In power which isn’t all that substantial is not too bad so our lead you would 90.00004083 BTC which is a profit of 48 cents per hour delete your 90.00098 BTC per day which is a profit of $11.59 per day once again not too shabby weekly you’d 90.00685998 BTC per week which is a profit of $81.12 per week monthly you’d mind 0.02939989 BTC per month which is a profit of 300 $47.66 per month annually your mind about 1 third of the coin slightly more 0.35769872 BTC which is a profit per year of 4000 200 $29.89 which is once again pretty impressive for a relatively inexpensive miner so unfortunately this miner has the longest break even period of all the break even period is about 300 and 27.9 days which isn’t really all that great if you’re okay with paying less for miner and hoping that the price of the coin increases then they could honestly be pretty advantageous so now let’s move on to the ant miner S. 9 the piece de resistance if you will so unfortunately the S. 9 is still pretty expensive it’s going to cost your own 6 grand total if you want to receive the miner within the month which as I said before the availability is much better it used to be that you have to wait 1 or 2 months to get that miners 9 and I’m honestly happy to see that the availability is much more reasonable than it once was so the S. 9 minds at 13000 500 giga hashes per second it uses 1300 watts of power 13 cents per kilowatt hour. Of course one percent full fees and the total hardware cost is roughly 6000 USD so very expensive honestly however mining with yet wondrous 9 is really pretty profitable so our Li you to actually pay 17 cents in power because not all that power hungry and yearly you’d pay 1480 USD in power which honestly isn’t all that expensive it’s better than the 8 miner a 7. So our Li you’d mind 0.00007551 big point which is a profit of 1 USD per hour daily you’d mind 0.00181232 BTC which is a daily profit of 24 U. S. D. per day weekly hued 90.01268626 BTC which is a profit of 100 $68 U. S. D. of course per week which is honestly looking pretty good monthly you’d mind 0.05436967 BTC which they profit of roughly $720.32 per month that’s honestly pretty good now annually your mind 0.66149763 so roughly 2 thirds of a big point annually which would be a profit of 8000 700 63 USD per year. Which is honestly once again pretty nice and finally it would take you roughly 250 days to break even with the at miner US 9 so honestly if we look at the S. 70 S. 9 the break even period is only different by roughly 30 days and because of that because the S. 7 is much more affordable you may find it more advantageous to look into the S. 7 as opposed to the S. 9 those are just my 2 cents of course but if you’re interested in getting your hands on it were quickly and saving money the S. 7 could be worth your time so once again as I stated in the start of this video I am not a fortune-teller okay I can’t claim to know what exactly is going on with everything all the time and honestly these are just some simple calculations to help everyone out so I hope you learned something from this video if you do you have any questions at all feel free to ask okay I would encourage everyone to do further research and become more comfortable with the topic personally and don’t be afraid to be cynical miners are expensive and if you aren’t comfortable getting into mining or you don’t know what you’re doing exactly ask a lot of questions it’s going to be worth while if you avoid paying $5000 for miners that you want to end up using or are unable to set up so please make good educated decisions you were of expensive prices online and keep reminding those cryptos thank you all for watching and we’ll see you all in the next video. 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