Microsoft has announced a new $25 million dollar project for disabled people . Microsoft Artificial Intelligence will help people with special needs. It will be a five-year project, called Accessibility for AI. New apps and products will be made that can help improve lives of thousands of people worldwide.

Artificial Intelligence use as enhancement or assistance for humans is still a Si-Fi story. Many startups have tried to do something valuable in this field but no progress was made. Although $25 million is small amount compared to Microsoft profile still  potential for further investment is much higher.

Microsoft will promote software developers and device manufacturers working on mentioned objective. Microsoft is not the only company that has shown interest in AI field . Facebook , Apple , google all are already in this race. But for first time it seems like someone has done something for general welfare.

Think about blind people wearing glasses that can lighten up their world . Persons with incureable brian and nervous disorders performing day-to-day activities just like other people. Although this might look far ahead in future but still we know our path.

Any advancement made in this category will not be limited to a sector alone. As more and more people and devices are getting connected to internet. We are  reaching a level where manual working will never be able to keep up with our challenges. Sorting out photos and categorizing videos on different platforms will not be possible if millions were uploaded every day. Controlling internet with manual checks will be impossible task.


Further this also puts another question mark over already infamous ethical profile of artificial intelligence. If such devices are made who would be  responsible that they are not militarized like many technologies before.

Keeping this discussion aside Microsoft artificial Intelligence is coming in our lives sooner or later.