Plastic eating enzyme has given us hope to tackle one of our biggest problem. Plastic recycling has become a very serious problem for us. We have made so much of it ,that it has found its way to every corner of the earth. Most of our waste  gets dumped into the ocean with the flow of streams and river from areas of its production in land. Unlike other organic waste the plastic waste does,t decompose easily. It may take a bottle a 1000 years under the ocean to decompose completely. More than a simple shopping Bag which will take 100-200 years to degrade.The bottles and many of plastic products we use are made up of PET, PETE . Polyethylene terephthalate sometimes written polyethylene . This is one of hardest compound in terms of natural decomposition.

Current Situation

So the end result is pretty obvious , all this material will accumulate .It has already started to make problems. We are seeing much less plankton production in seas which is first element in the ocean food chain. Many science groups have shown public concern about the issue.Untill now we had not even a single solution on how to recycle plastics in green and sustainable manner.


Solution  is in the new discovery, Scientist have found a new enzyme made by bacteria present at a dump site in Japan. With the Help of that enzyme bacteria is decomposing plastic at good rate. For layman it means we finally may have found a way to get rid of our plastic problem. But still there are many hurdles before we can confidently say that we have solved this problem.
More about this discovery can be found here.


Japanese scientist working on this project have found another thing which is nothing less than a blessing is disguise. While studying behaviour of this plastic eating enzyme , they tweaked its structure a little bit.  the results were dramatic , 20% increase in the efficiency of Plastic decomposition.


Nobody can predict our future unless we plan it like the way we want it.  Further research is being carried out to enhance the performance of this enzyme so that it can be employed on mass scale. And we still have to change our habits if we really want an improvement in standard of our living.

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