Sensorma was first machine to give user Multimoadal virtual reality experience . It can be considered as first virtual reality machine. It would give its user immersive experience of virtual reality. Sensorama was built with idea to give users full immersive experience of any video by its creator Morton Heilig. Morton Heilig was himself a filmmaker and cinematographer by profession. His idea was to make films more interesting for his viewers. On that time making a Virtual Reality film was difficult task so he kept his focus to making a virtual game. User would ride a motorcycle driving it through Brooklyn city. The machine could give following experience to its users

1-Vibrations through Seat and handle as we feel in real life.

2- 3d vision by stereoscopic means , meaning both eyes see different views , creating an illusion of dept.

3- Air with help of fan.

4-Stereo Sound Mimicking real sounds

5-Aroma by means of smell emitters.

Driver would feel , vibrations , air on his face with help of these fans . Pizza and Exhaust smells as he pass by Pizza shop and other vehicles. Sounds from different different directions. Morton gave his Sensorama name as am “Future Theater” . Sensorama was made in 1956-1958 and patented in 1962. Question Arises why it failed. AnsĀ  is simple Sensorama was futuristic , expensive and hard to sell business idea of its time which has eventually found its in main stream now a days.

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