Vr & Ar

There is Much Discussion going on about Vr & Ar. Virtual reality is relatively old concept. augmented Reality is something new but most of the people can not differentiate between both. To most of the people its same thing. Keeping up with modern technologies was never so much important , as it is now.


Virtual reality or Vr is simply a view generated with the help of special goggles or view boxes in which you are transposed to a location . The transposed view can be graphically generated or it can be a real life movie. Person wearing the goggles see the scene in two different views in two eyes as we see in real life. As he cannot see anything else so it almost mimic the reality so name virtual reality.


In Augmented Reality you are not transposed to a different location .  You are not blind from your surroundings. Instead you are seeing things inside your natural view. Things created with graphics or natural ones are inserted in your view on glasses or screens.
This Ar video can help to understand concept.

The basic difference between Vr & Ar can this be summarized in following way

Property VR Ar
Transposition Next place Same place
Surroundings Blind Not Blind
Technology Old New
Devices Goggles Screens, Glasses
Brands Oculus Rift Samsung Monitorless glasses
Samsung Gear VR Apple Virtual Monitor
Google Cardboard

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