Google has officially renamed its Google Drive commercial service to Google 1 .Google drive will be still accessible but for customers using more than 15 gb Google 1 subscription will be needed.
With the new name google has also cut prices for its premium google one membership.  New premium membership will have extra custom email and phone help access.

How much google 1 cost ??

9.99$ monthly  for 2 TB storage
2.99$ monthly for 200GB
1.99$ monthly for 100GB
Detailed prices for All plans will be rolled later.


Many people who prefer 1TB over  2 TB will have to consider other competitors like
Amazon 59.99$ yealry for 1 TB
Drop Box 99.99$ yealry for 1 TB
Microsoft one Drive 99.99$ for  1 TB

For 2 Tb

Amazon 119$
google 1 99$
Apple Cloud 120$

for more updates visit one official site here.