What is Coral Reef

Coral reef is formed by coral deposits over thousands years of time.  Corals are marine animal that lives in colonies made from their exoskeleton made up of soft calcium. These reefs provide a unique Aquatic ecosystem that supports a huge number of marine living beings. They work like nurseries in providing small fishes with food and protection.


Coral Reef are found everywhere is ocean , their prime location is near the lakeshore in areas of low depth . They prefer slightly warm water mostly in tropics.


They support variety of animals like Blacktip ,Reef Sharks ,clown fish, eels, parrot fish, snapper, and scorpion fish , jellyfish, anemones, sea stars snakes snails and mollusks.

Why are They Dying

With increasing pollution , both sea and Air , Coral reefs have started to dying . The most common of these phenomenon is Reef Bleaching. Due to rising air and sea temperature , water in tropics is getting warmer and warmer each year. All of reef animals work in a close ecosystem where everyone is doing something in return for something from whole ecosystem . In this ecosystem, the primary producer is algae that lives in those calcium structure mentioned above this algae uses light and other nutrients to make food for smaller fish. These smaller fish are eaten by larger fish and hence cycle continues. But when water is warmed above the tolerance level of any coral reef it push the green algae out to make itself whiter in colour which will absorb less heat . Reef can survive this warm duration but not for very long . If it remains bleached it will eventually die .

What is Happening in Florida

What is happening in Florida , which is home to world third largest coral reef is different that bleaching. Warmer water also supports many pathogens that would not have survived milder and colder water. One of diseases from these pathogens is destroying the whole reef system . Passing from one patch to another . Scientist and researchers and keeping a close eye but still the have not figured out exactly what is the disease and what can be done to stop it. For Further reading Read complete report here.

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